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Safeway Policy February 19, 2010

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If you are a big Safeway shopper, like I am, I wanted to fill you in on a bit of  information, in case you weren’t privy to it:

  • If an item is rung up incorrectly, the sale price does not ring, the clearance sticker is not peeled, etc.  Basically—if they mess up the price of your item in any way——did you know that you get that/those items for FREE?!?!?!

Safeway is not vocal about this policy (and, I’m assuming it is a company wide policy, but, check with your local store), at least, they hide it at my local store.  There have been mmaaaaaannnnny times that I have been rung up incorrectly, I go to customer service, and they just give me back the difference.

That is, until another mom filled me in on this policy.

Soooooo, the next time it happened, I marched right up to customer service (mind you, I had already gotten to the car, put all three kids in their car seats, loaded all the groceries in, when I looked at my receipt and realized the mistake!!  Which, is, in and of itself a great tip—–LOOK AT YOUR RECEIPT BEFORE YOU EXIT THE BUILDING!!), showed them their mistake and the customer service associate proceeded to tell me she would give me back the difference.  That’s when I said, “Um….yeah, I heard that your policy is, if there is a pricing accuracy mistake, you refund the entire amount of that item.  Is this correct?”  She looked up at me with a, somewhat, horrified look on her face, and muttered, “Yeah.  Ok.”

I have a feeling this is not a policy they are shouting from the rooftops, but, hey, IT’S THEIR POLICY, nonetheless.

Folks, this is not trying to get more than you deserve, this is not being deceitful, this is not being greedy—— this is THEIR POLICY!!  Pricing accuracy is very important to Safeway, which is why they have this policy, and if they screw up, they want to give you that item for free.  It’s their way of staying on top of pricing and signing in the store and helping us out for this major inconvenience.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for this if they don’t offer it!!!

Gooooooo Safeway Shoppers!!!!!!