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Natural living—Garlic Oil March 4, 2010

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Have your kiddos ever had an earache?  An ear infection?  Where is the first place that we, as parents, usually run?

Yep.  The good ‘ol Pediatrician.

There’s nothing wrong with that, I know we used to.  Ava and Luke have not had many ear infections, but the few they have had in the past have all been “cured” by antibiotics.  I have never liked giving my wee ones antibiotics.

Well, now that we have babe #3, and I’m thinking and doing things in a whole new, natural, non-vaccinated way, I keep thinking back to my childhood.  Thinking back to all the amazing, natural things my parents did for us.  So, a few weeks ago when Ava kept covering her right ear, wanting major pressure on it, putting winter hats on to make it feel better (and she’s not a hat person), and just moaning “It huuuurrrts……”, I knew I had to step into action.  It was a Saturday night and all the Urgent Care facilities in our area were already closed, and the 30 minute drive to the ER did not seem appealing, (albeit, if it was needed, of course I would do it!) so I had to think quickly.  I called my mom and talked with her, as well as, my sister and that’s when an “aha!” moment came to me!

An image popped into my head.  This image:

I was reminded of my parents using a GARLIC OIL, such as this, whenever we had earaches/infections!

Garlic oil is amazing and can do amazing things!  It has super healing abilities, helps support the proper functioning of the ears, and is all natural!  We bought ours at a local health food store for around $9, (you can also buy it online or make it yourself!), followed the instructions on the bottle (you have to submerge it in warm water to heat it up a bit), dropped some oil in both of Ava’s ears, and, voila—the next morning she was happy, smiley and pain free!!!  We continued with it the following day, as well, to make sure all infection was gone, and it was!  After you drop the oil in, you can also put cotton balls in the ears to keep the oil in and protect the ear, but, with Ava’s sensory issues, she wasn’t having that!!  The feeling of something in her ear was not pleasing to her, so, we skipped that step and it still worked beautifully!

Garlic oil can be used on all age groups, too, and, we have also used it on Anna.  A few weeks ago, Anna was really pulling at her ear, and every time I would touch it, she would wince in pain.  So, even though I wasn’t 100% sure she had an infection, I wanted to nip it in the bud, if in fact she had one.  We added it to both of her ears for two days, and after that, there was no more pulling at the ears or wincing in pain!!

Garlic oil worked when I was a child and it’s still working for my kids.  Remember, this is not professional or doctor’s advise, so check this out for yourself.  But, I tell ya, God made natural remedies for us, and all we have to do is seek them out!!