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Bald Spot! September 21, 2009

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So, it was a wonderful weekend at my parent’s house, seeing everyone, going to the fair and just hanging out together!  SO MUCH FUN!!  I wish we could see all you Idahoans more often!!  It was a precious, memory-filled time had by all!

Another memory-filled time occured during a lovely Grandma-Granddaughter cookie baking session.  I told you that I was going to tell you about a slight mishap with a Kitchen Aid Mixer, so here it is:

My mom and Ava decided they’d like to make cookies!  Both Luke and Anna were napping, so I thought I’d hang out with them in the kitchen and observe and take pictures of their time together.  It all started out great, everything going to plan and they started out getting the dry ingredients put together.  As it came time for the wet ingredients, Ava was really excited to crack the eggs into the mixer!  She’s not so great at it and doesn’t exactly realize that the shells don’t belong in the cookies, too, so my mom decided to let her crack one, but with her help.  So, Ava was up on a chair, so she could crack the egg right into the mixer.  She did fairly well, even though the egg pretty much exploded everywhere, including the chair she was standing on!!  My mom then cracked the next egg and turned on the mixer to mix those ingredients.  As the mixer was going, my mom and I looked over at the recipe to see what dry ingredients needed to go in……..when……………all the sudden……………we heard something.  It wasn’t a cry, or a shout, or a scream, it was a sort of a struggling type of  “Uggghh” sound come out of Ava.  Now, granted, we were standing/sitting right next to her and as I was looking down at my recipe, I didn’t just hear Ava, but I saw something out of the corner of my eye, as well.  I looked up and it took me a few seconds to process everything…….Ava had a slighty scared/nervous/hurt/horrified/bewildered look on her face, she didn’t even really know what had happened!!  But, as I looked over, I GASPED and this is what I saw:

P1010268Do you see that big WAD OF HAIR on the mixer?!?!?!  That’s precious Ava’s hair from the top of her head!!!!  In the split second that my mom and I were looking over the recipe, Ava had slipped on some egg white that had fallen on her chair and fell forward towards the mixer, hence, got her head too close to the beater and it ripped the hairs right out of her head!!!!!!  There was mayhem there for a few moments, but once we figured out that Ava was fine, we calmed down.

Here’s another shot of it:


Ava was quite rattled, (as were my mom and I!!!), but it didn’t seem to hurt her because it happened so fast!!  We are SO THANKFUL it was merely her hair, rather than something else.  What a blessing, but what a scare!!!!!

Here’s the hair after we detatched it from the mixer:


But, now my sweet Ava has a poor little bald spot on the top of her head:


(I guess she’ll be wearing ponytails a little more often in the coming months!!  :-))

After our little scare, though, the cookie-making proceeded and Grandma and Ava had a great time with their baking.


But, let this be a lesson to us all to watch our kids closely and not let them get close to any kind of machinery when it’s in use!!!!!!