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101 in 1001— March 26, 2010

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Sarah’s 101 goals in 1001 days:

Here’s a little update of my progress so far:

1.  Go Make-up Free for an entire week

2.  Let the kids have dessert BEFORE dinner Completed 2/10.  Ice Cream at DQ before dinner!

3.  Teach Ava and Luke how, why, and when to dial 9-1-1 Somewhat completed 3/10.  Ava’s got it, now, on to Luke!

4.  Get a massage once a month for 3 months in a row

5.  Floss every day for one month straight Completed 2/10.

6.  Give my husband one compliment every day for a week

7.  Offer to watch someone else’s kids

8.  Arrange a “gift-wrapping” station in the basement

9.  Learn how to can fruit and veggies

10.  Give up candy for one week (Ugggh!)

11.  Be up and dressed before the kids get up for two weeks in a row

12.  Pray with my husband every day

13.  Pray with my kids every day

14.  Lose the baby weight in 9 months

15.  Make a Will

16.  Live on our one week’s Grocery budget for an entire month Completed 1/10.  I went $23 over, but we still did it!!

17.  Organize all my ‘bookmarks’ on the computer

18.  Finish Ava and Luke’s Baby books

19.  Start on Anna’s Baby Book

20.  Finish Anna’s Birth Story  (Oh. So. Close.)

21.  Buy a new Vacuum Cleaner

22.  Take down wallpaper on the stairway and landing walls

23.  Get a Bike

24.  Teach Lukie how to go potty on his own  (In progress……maybe by the time he’s five?!!!)

25.  Get to bed by 10pm every night for a month

26.  Go on a Date Night with my husband once a month

27.  Re-organize all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen Completed 1/10

28.  Paint the landing and the stairway walls once wallpaper is down

29.  Get a new, amazing digital camera

30.  Organize pictures in my drawers and actually put them in albums

31.  Purge all clothes in my closest that I haven’t worn in a year Completed 3/10

32.  Take a mini-vacay, just the hubby and me!

32.  Go camping

33.  Send someone flowers

34.  Sell our house  (our other house)

35.  Get a Vita-Mix

36.  Do the “cash-only” system for groceries for a month

37.  Buy a new wardrobe if I meet my “baby weight” loss goal  (I’m not telling you what it is, though!)

38.  Volunteer at Ava/Luke School

39.  Take wallpaper down in the living room Completed 3/10—Thanks, Mark!!

40.  Paint the living room

41.  Paint the TV room

42.  Take my vitamins everyday for 30 days straight  (In progress….)

43.  Stop drinking Pop for 2 weeks straight  (Ugh.  I’m down to one a day, now.  Can she do it, folks?!)

44.  Take each of my kids out on a “date”, alone, at least once a month (errands not allowed!)

45.  Find at least 10 minutes everyday for alone/quiet time with God  (in progress….)

46.  No Hairspray for an entire week (wearing a hat doesn’t count)

47.  Organize kids’ toys in bins and label with pictures and words

48.  Learn all there is to know about Dahlias and start to build a business selling the flowers and tubers

49.  Educate myself to the nth degree on Vaccines and make a decision Completed 1/10

50.  Read a book—A REAL book. (Us Weekly doesn’t count)

51.  “Camp out” with the kids by the Christmas tree

52.  Sleep in a tent in the yard with the kids

53.  Be completely debt-free (except for our house)

54.  Plant an herb garden Completed 3/10.  It’s a mini herb garden in my kitchen.

55.  Prune Apple Trees (Almost done!!!)

56.  Give a monetary donation to someone-anonymously

57.  Make a Cheesecake

58.  Create a fire escape plan and practice it with the kids

59.  Teach Ava and Luke about strangers

60.  Build stairs on our deck

61.  Build a flat, cemented area for the kids to play, ride their bikes, play ball, etc

62.  Double, even triple the amount of veggies we plant in the garden  (in progress…..lots started already!)

63.  New curtains for every bedroom

64.  Go to a coffee shop and enjoy the afternoon—solo

65.  Cook and host a Holiday Meal at home

66.  Have a party!!  (just because!)

67.  Host a cookie swap

68.  Set up multiple play dates for my kiddos

69.  Use re-usable shopping bags when grocery shopping Already FAILED this one!

70.  Keep our eating out budget at or below $100/month Already FAILED this one!

71.  Buy a Christmas gift for a needy child

72.  Pay for the person behind me in a Drive-thru

73.  Get back to selling on Ebay

74.  Let the kiddos take a small portion of their Birthday money to buy an item that THEY pick out

75.  Start the tradition of letting the kids pick out their favorite cereal for their Birthday morning breakfast

76.  Have a Girl’s Weekend with my SISTERS!

77.  Take a trip to Disneyland

78.  Plan a surprise Birthday party

79.  Fast for 24 hours

80.  Save up to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a really, really great pair of shoes (or an amazing handbag!)

81.  Let my hubby take a Saturday all to himself

82.  Let myself take a Saturday all to myself

83.  Pray before dinner every night—whether in public, or not

84.  Teach Anna sign language  (in progress…)

85.  Have a family devotional time at least once a week

86.  Start on the addition to our house

87.  Take a class—(photography would be my first choice, hence the need for #29!)

88.   Write a letter to each of my kids, to be opened on their 16th birthday

89.  Read my Bible at least twice a week (if not MORE!)  (in progress…)

90.  Take 10 Internet Breaks (an entire day)

91.  Have a family dinner by candlelight Completed 1/10/10

92.  Re-do kids’ chore charts and stick to them

93.  Kiss my husband when he comes home from work*everyday*whether I feel like it, or not

94.  Do 10 “real” push-ups in a row

95.  Spend an entire day playing on the beach with my family

96.  Get over my insecurity of been videotaped, and start a video diary to my children

97.  Go to a concert (NKOTB, again?!)

98.  Take the kids to a play/live theatre

99.  Come up with a better laundry organizing system

100.  Expand my vocabulary–Learn 50 new words and their definitions

101.  Donate $5 for every goal I don’t meet


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