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Growing so fast February 16, 2010

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It’s hard to believe that Anna is SIX MONTHS OLD today!!  I am baffled at where the time is going.

Here’s a few shots of our sweet Anna playing with her two favorite toys:  the remote and the phone.

What a little punkin!!!

And, not to be outdone, here’s a few updated shots of Ava and Luke:

Ahhh, yes… handsome Luke potty-training!

My beautiful Ava

And……………the sweet trio.

My. how. they. grow.


I am so privileged to be their Mama!!!


5 Responses to “Growing so fast”

  1. Rita Says:

    …..And we are privileged to be their grandparents!!!

  2. G and G Peterson Says:

    ….and we are so very happy and also privileged to be their other grandparents!!

  3. Mom Says:

    So adorable!! And so much fun to be with! Thanks for visiting us.

  4. Martha Says:

    Anna, oh Anna! I love you, oh, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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