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Don’t forget the Dairy February 15, 2010

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Just like the good ‘ol MEAT CLEARANCE, don’t forget to scour your DAIRY/cold case section for ah-mazing clearance deals, as well!!!!

Look what I scooped up:

Cheese, cheese and sour cream!  Each orange tag is .75 off——that yummy Tillamook cheese was already on sale for $3.99 and as you can see, I got another $3 off!!  Only .99 cents for a “special reserve” Tillamook Sharp Cheddar!!  Also, see that Kraft Cheese, with $2.25 worth of clearance stickers??  I bought another one with it ($2.49) and used a coupon:  $1 off 2!  I got two packages of Kraft Shredded cheese for:  $1.73.  That’s about .86 cents a bag.  Not too shabby.  Just like I ALWAYS look through the meat clearance, I also, ALWAYS go through the Dairy cold cases, every time I go shopping, because you never know what you might find!!

These scores are from Safeway, and I love how they use the bright orange colored stickers—it helps me spot them RIGHT away!!  Each grocery store has their own way of tagging dairy/cold case clearance, so keep your eyes peeled!!

AND, remember—–You can ALWAYS use coupons along WITH these clearance items!!!  Woot!  Woot!


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