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The Home Stretch! January 28, 2010

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This week has been a little “topsy-turvy,” but I haven’t forgotten that we’re still EATING FROM THE PANTRY!  I can’t believe that January is just about over and this challenge is coming to a close.

Here is what is on our Meal Plan for the rest of the week.  It’s a little changed up from my original Monthly Plan, because I’ve scoured the freezer and found more food we need to eat!!

Thurs 1/28:  Tuna Noodle Casserole (freezer), Buttery Rolls (freezer), Jello w/mandarin oranges

Fri 1/29:  Chili (freezer), Corn Muffins (freezer), Smoothies

Sat 1/30:  Meatloaf (freezer), Baked Potatoes, raw veggies and dip

Sun 1/31:  Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes (freezer), Asparagus

Here’s where we stand, as far as trying to make our $100 grocery budget for the month:

Week 1: $29.05

Week 2: $39.94

Week 3: $21.84

Total:  $90.83

$9.17 left for the next 4 days!!! *bites nails*  Can I do it?!?!?!  We’re already to Thursday of week 4, so there’s hope!!!  I have not even stepped in a grocery store this week, due to all the busy-ness surrounding Anna’s surgery, but we are running low on a few staple items, so I HOPE that I can spend less than $10 in the next few days!!  But, if I can’t, I want to get as close as possible.  It will be a small victory!!!

How are YOU doing on the challenge???


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