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PTL! December 29, 2009

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Last week was definitely a week to remember, in more ways than one!!

It started off a little rocky, though.

On Monday night, our sweet Anna was not “right.”  She went down for bed around 7:00 and for the few hours to follow, she kept crying out, almost as if she were in pain.  She would go back to sleep after that, so I was continuously checking on her.  At about 11:30, when Mark and I were in bed, she cried out again, but this time, it was a piercing, painful cry that didn’t stop.  I rushed in there to find my sweet baby shaking like a leaf and gurgling on her own vomit.  I quickly picked her up to find a very warm, I’ll say HOT baby in my arms who was crying and shaking uncontrollably.  I hurriedly set her on the changing table, stripped off her clothes and took her temperature.  It was soaring close to 104…… calm her down, I tried nursing her, and when she totally refused and would not stop shaking or crying, I KNEW I needed to rush her to the ER.

Anna and I hopped in the car and made our way.  The closest Hospital is about a 30 minute drive, so, as you can imagine, I felt like I couldn’t get there fast enough!!!  Poor Anna was screaming the whole way.

We finally arrived at the Hospital and found an EMPTY Emergency Room.  PTL!  They got us in right away and the first thing they did was give her some Tylenol, (even though we had already given her some), as her temp was rising even more!   They did some testing on her, as well, and her urine sample came back positive for a pretty major bladder infection with a possible kidney infection.

She had already vomited a few more times since we had been there, so after they gave her a dose of the antibiotic, they wanted us to wait there an hour to make sure she kept it down.  She did!!  No admittance to the Hospital!  PTL!

We were sent away with a 10-day prescription for an antibiotic, and very specific instructions to watch her like a hawk, and if anything were to persist, to get her back immediately.  Anna already has some kidney issues and a kidney that doesn’t fully function, so knowing that, we had to make sure no other signs of infection were there.

That night (morning!) we made it home around 3am.  I nursed her to sleep (PTL!  She was eating!) and finally got into bed close to 4am.  Anna slept until 7ish and that’s when the other two trotted into my room that morning—3 hours of sleep for me!!  (Although, my adrenaline was pumping and I didn’t really feel too tired, PTL!)  Anna’s temp had gone down to 102 that morning, but she was definitely not out of the woods.  I informed family and friends to pray for Anna, and slowly, but surely that day, her temp started to decrease, she started to eat a little better, and was keeping the antibiotic down.  (PTL!)  Thank you—all of you—-for your prayers!!!

At that point, I was feeling much better about the fact that this was a bladder infection and not a kidney infection as well, and confirmation from the hospital confirmed that!  PTL!

We laid very low all day Tuesday and kept praying for our Anna.  We were on tap to head down to T-town on Wednesday for our 5-day stay at my parent’s house for Christmas, and I was hopeful that Anna would be better and that we would still be able to go.  Our prayers were answered:  Anna just kept getting better and better and smilier and smilier!!

So, after TONS of packing, wrapping and the like, the kids and I made our way down on Wednesday afternoon!  We had appointments to our Chiropractor that afternoon, so I was very excited we were headed down, and that all three kids and myself could be seen!!

After that—-it was time for Christmas festivities to begin!! It was so wonderful to see all three of my sisters, their families, my sweet niece and nephew and share some great times together!  What an amazing family I have!!!  I love you all!

Here’s a traditional picture of the clan we always take right before gift opening:

We are straight out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!!

And here’s a sweet one of  Gracie, Luke and Ava, ready to go:

It was a fun-filled morning full of present opening, lots of laughter, and a room full of love.

Here’s a few snapshots to catalog our Christmas morning:

Now that's a sweet present!

Grandpa and Anna



Go Cougs!!

Anna goose

Where's Ava??

Mom, Ruth, Martha and Anna

Bro-in-law Simon, Gracie and Amy

What an amazing Christmas with my family and such a wonderful five days together!!  It was so sweet to watch the cousins play together—-I think that was one of my favorite parts!!

Anna continues to get better and we are hopeful for a great report after her ultrasound and visit to the Urologist next week.  Again, thank you all for your prayers for Anna!!!  It is such a relief and assurance that God is holding her in the palm of His hand.  PTL!!

ps:   PTL=  Praise the Lord!!  🙂


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