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Menu Plan Monday—-a no go December 21, 2009

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Hey folks!  Welcome to Monday and an early MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!

I’m going to bypass Menu Planning this week, because tomorrow is the only night that I’ll be here, at home!  Tonight I work an oh-so-fun shift from 5:30pm-1:00am!  Oh, how I’m looking forward to this one!!!  (NOT!)  Mark will be flying solo with the kiddos tonight and this will be the first time Anna will be put down to bed without me here……*sniff sniff*……but, I’ve pumped a lot of milk and I hope she doesn’t have too difficult of a time!!  Pray for a smooth evening for the little one!

Tomorrow will be a day full of packing, baking, laundry, packing, gift wrapping, packing, laundry, gift wrapping and more packing!!  We’re heading down to T-town on Wednesday afternoon to spend a lovely, fun, and joyous Holiday with everyone on my side of the family.  We can’t wait!!!!!

That being said, this will be my last post until next Monday.  I’m going to take a little “breakety-break from my bloggy-blog!”

Hope you all are not too stressed out, and that you remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas!!

Oh, by the way……my blog has officially surpassed 10,000 hits!  For some, that is not much, but for a newbie blogger like myself, that’s VERY humbling!!  Thank you all for taking your precious time to come visit my blog!

Love to you all this wonderful Christmas Season and I’ll see you back here next Monday!

Here’s a little picture to send you off with.  We celebrated Christmas with my husband’s side of the family yesterday, and I couldn’t help but share this priceless picture:

From left to right:

Mark’s Dad, Mark’s Mom holding Ava and Anna, Mark’s sister holding Luke, and Mark’s Bro-in-Law holding their daughter.

Soooooo cute!!



One Response to “Menu Plan Monday—-a no go”

  1. Mark Says:

    cute picture!

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