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Freezer Cooking Day–Update December 2, 2009

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Since I just got all 3 kids nestled all snug in their beds for their (hopefully!) long winter’s naps, I decided I’d give you all a little update!

Here’s what I’ve accomplished, so far:

  • 2 Loaves of Banana Bread—CHECK!

  • Double batch of Chili done and simmering away—CHECK!

  • 4 pounds of Taco Meat done and cooling—CHECK!

  • Pork in the Crockpot doing its thing—CHECK!

  • Bananas chopped and in the freezer—CHECK!

(Disclaimer:  those are PLASTIC knives!!)

And, even though I got MULTIPLE projects out for Ava and Luke to work on while I was cooking, they had fun ransacking the living room and playing with their wee sister, Anna!  When I put Anna on the floor for a little “tummy-time” (supervised, of course!), both Ava and Luke got on the floor with her and begged me to take a picture:

Now it’s time for me to do a little clean-up, throw in a load of laundry, grab a quick bite to eat, and then I’m off and running, again!!


3 Responses to “Freezer Cooking Day–Update”

  1. Mark Says:

    Thumbs up!

  2. melissa Says:

    I would love your chili recipe.

    • srowe5 Says:

      If you can believe it, I don’t even follow a recipe!! Yikes, I know!! I usually just start by browning some onion and ground beef and I start adding from there, things like:

      Spices (Chili Powder, Cumin, Oregano, Garlic)

      I just keep tasting it and when it’s to my liking I let it simmer away!

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