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Tip Tuesday November 10, 2009

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Since I just had a baby, you can imagine that I have Medical bills rolling in……as most anyone would who just gave birth in a hospital.

Well, you know what I found out?????

MANY hospitals offer a DISCOUNT if you pay within 30 DAYS!!!!  Did you know that?!?!

I never knew that.

Too bad the hospital NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS.

I just happened to call to ask a question about a statement I received in the mail, and the lady I was talking to told me this GREAT news!  This particular hospital offers 10% off if you pay within 30 days!!


You know what’s not so cool?  If you made a payment within 30 days (and didn’t know the hospital’s policy), they don’t automatically refund you the 10%.  YOU HAVE TO ASK.  Not so cool if you ask me.

So, right away, I asked her if there were any other bills that I paid within 30 days that I could get a refund on.  You betcha!!!  I’m getting a nice, hefty refund check in the mail soon!!!!

So… you can see……my tip this week is to KNOW THE POLICY of the hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, etc, that you attend!!  Many of them, (as I just learned) will give you discounts, but they often don’t give it to you unless you ASK!!

You can bet that I’m going to call my doctor’s office, the kids’ pediatrician, chiropractor, etc, and see if they might have a policy similar.

Maybe not………but it NEVER HURTS TO ASK!!!!


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