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Keeping Track of Milestones October 17, 2009

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Any suggestions????

Back in “the day” when I had just one child, and life was a little bit less hectic, I actually had TIME to do things, like, write down EACH AND EVERY little thing my sweet Ava and Luke did, from day one!!  I kept super detailed accounts of, pretty much, every breath they took!!!  It was crazy, but I felt like I needed to chronicle every little second of their lives, hoping I wouldn’t miss one detail!!  Actually,  I started writing in a journal from the moment we found out we were pregnant with each of them.  I decided I wanted to write down all my feelings, emotions, and goings-on throughout my pregnancies, as well as, detail everything about the first two years of their lives.   I love looking back and reading them;  all those memories flood back to me!  I will eventually give them these journals, one day, so that they can look back on them, too, and have them to share with their kids.

But….whoo, boy…..not enough time for that now!!!  I feel like I’m short-changing Anna!!!  I am in the process of writing up her Birth Story, but I have never started a journal for her like I did with Ava and Luke, and now I’m regretting it!  I don’t have all the details of my pregnancy with her like I did with the other two, and I haven’t started writing down her milestones, yet, either!  She’s obviously quite young, so I know there’s still time to write down milestones, but I feel so overwhelmed to think about starting another journal.

I’m wondering how you keep track of all this???  I already feel so behind!!  Are there any tricks or easy ways of doing it that I’m not thinking of???  Or, maybe I’m going overboard and don’t need to be so detailed?  Any tips or suggestions would be SO MUCH appreciated!!


2 Responses to “Keeping Track of Milestones”

  1. Martha Says:

    Hey Sar,
    Although I know you love to hand-write notes and journals, maybe using your computer as a journal for Anna will help, as typing out notes and stories may be quicker and swifter than sitting down to handwrite in a notebook. You can publish the notes on cute paper to create a special journal for her someday and write little comments here and there in your own handwriting if you’d like. Creating a Word document that you save on your desktop would be easy to access. 🙂

    • Amy ESW Says:

      I was just going to say, print your blog, but I like Martha’s idea better!

      Perhaps better yet, send yourself a quick email, then keep the emails in their own folder. That way they are time/date stamped already and you don’t have to add in that step. I document lots of things by emailing myself, I wish I had thought of milestones for that a whole lot sooner. THANKS FOR BRINGING IT UP!!

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