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Preciousness…..(is that a word?!) October 6, 2009

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We recently set-up a “new” big boy bed for Luke.  He had been sleeping in a toddler bed for quite some time, but to maximize space in their room, we decided to set up the single bed for him, and move the toddler bed into the closet.   With just a two bedroom home,(or, if you count Anna’s room, two and a quarter bedrooms!),we need to utilize all the space we have!!  With Ava and Luke sharing a room, we decided to put Luke’s toddler bed in the big closest in their room to use as his “napping bed.”  If the two of them are split up during nap time, the napping process goes much more smoothly!!  It has seemed to work like a charm!  🙂

Anyway, both kids are a little obsessed with the new single bed.  A few nights ago, as Mark and I headed into their room to check on them before we went to bed, this is what we found:



Sooooooo precious!!  Here we found them both sound asleep on Luke’s bed!  I don’t think we’ve EVER found them together in the same bed before, asleep, so this was a treat for Mark and I to walk into!  And, if you notice, both of them have their blankies wrapped quite similarly around their chests!  (Those are homemade blankies, by the way, by my Aunt Barbara.  Gotta give props!  They LOVE those blankies!)

Such a sweet scene.


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