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I have discovered an awesome website that allows you to download coupons onto your store club cards!!!  I had heard about it awhile ago, but didn’t try it until yesterday, and it ROCKS!!!

Go HERE and register with Shortcuts.  All you do is pick the stores that you shop at the most and/or have a club card to, specify your club card number and pick the coupons you want to load onto that specific card.  It’s as easy as that!!!


I was wondering how it would work if I dowloaded coupons onto my card, but had the same coupon in my hand, ready to use.  HERE’S THE AWESOME PART:

YOU GET A DOUBLE DISCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!  It not only gives you the coupon that you downloaded onto the card, but it will take your exact paper coupon, as well!!!!!!!!  Boy, was I overjoyed to learn this!!

Check out my Safeway coupon from yesterday:

At the bottom of the receipt, here you can see all my paper coupons and catalinas that I used:


Now, take a look at this!  Here are the coupons that I loaded onto my Safeway card from

P1010313Here’s a closer look.  It says:  Mfr. eCoupon:

P1010314I had paper coupons for ALL of the items that I loaded onto my card and was able to use them all, plus the ecoupons!!  That is how the program works, which is AWESOME!!  I got an amazing deal and am looking soooooooo forward to more of these deals in the future!!

Check out and save some more money!!!!!!!


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