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Monday again…… August 3, 2009

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and no new baby………yet!!!!

I’m just 6 days away from my due date, but it might as well be an eternity!!!  I have to admit, though, it’s much easier to wait on this babe, due to the fact that I have two other ones to take care of, and all my time isn’t spent focusing on waiting.  I can remember being so desperate for my first to come!  I’m not quite as desperate with this one, but, I’d still love for her to get here……..AND SOON!  🙂

I had grand plans to get pictures up of the Dahlias and the garden, (the Dahlias are amazing, and we might just have the tallest corn I have ever seen!!), to get pictures up of the baby’s new room, and to have my Meal Plan all ready and prepared……but I don’t have ANY of those things done!!!  I really thought I’d have more energy at this point, but my energy is very low……..very, very low.  I’ll have my spurts here and there and I’ve gotten a lot done in those spurts, but other than that, sitting or lying down is very appealing to me!!

I will try to get pictures up of the baby’s room soon!!  It’s so quaint and cute and adorable!  Just right for a new bambino!  I’m not going to do a meal plan this week, in HOPES that baby will come this week!!!  (Plus, due to the fact I can’t seem to think straight at the moment!)

My blog posts might be fewer and farther between for the next few weeks, but that all depends on what pans out!

Hope you all have a great week!!


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