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Meal Plan Monday June 22, 2009

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Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!  Mark and I enjoyed our time away together, it was such a great, fun and relaxing time for the two of us!  We really missed the kids, though, and it was SO NICE seeing their smiling, excited faces yesterday!!!  Unfortunately I came down with a pretty wretched cold over the weekend, and doing all the walking we did, I was telling Mark that I officially FEEL really pregnant.  Everything on me is one big ACHE, and I now have the “pregnant waddle!!”  (Ever-so-slight-waddle, but it’s there!!)  But, it was still a glorious weekend with my wonderful man.

So, we’re now on to another week and another meal plan!!  (I feel like the weeks are flying by…..anyone else??)  So, here’s what I have on the docket for this week:

Monday:  Ritzy Chicken Casserole, steamed Broccoli, Sourdough bread

Tuesday:  Taco Night.  Crisp and Soft Beef Tacos and Refried Beans.

Wednesday:  Crock pot Chicken Parm, green salad, homemade toasted Bagels.

Thursday:  Crock-pot Baked Potato Bar

–SUPER easy!  Just wash your spuds and put them in the crock pot all day on low.  Serve them with your favorite toppings…..whatever your crew likes!

Friday:  Mark’s 29th Birthday—still up in the air what we’re going to do!


One Response to “Meal Plan Monday”

  1. Snow White Says:

    I hope you enjoy the chicken parmesan! it’s one of our favorites!

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