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Name??? June 4, 2009

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baby girl



I’m feeling really stressed about this, and maybe I shouldn’t, but we don’t have much time, and we are NO WHERE near deciding on a name for our new arrival!!  People say that it will just “come to us” when we know we’ve found the name, but honestly, neither of us can settle on anything!!  We have lists and lists of names….crossed names off and then put them back on.  We’ve searched the internet, looked in books, etc, etc, etc, and STILL can’t decide.  I don’t know if this is normal, or not??  We really didn’t have any problem coming up with names for our first two, so I don’t see what the big issue is here?  But, obviously it’s an issue, because we can’t decide!

If it were up to Luke, baby girl would be named, “Thomas.”  (After his favorite:  Thomas the Tank Engine.)

If it were up to Ava, she has three suggestions:  “Baby, Baby”   “Abby”  (After Abby-Cadabby on Sesame Street) and “Tom”  (She, too, is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan!)

Although those are great suggestions……….we’re going to have to pass.

So, here’s the deal…….

I would LOVE some suggestions!!!!

But, here’s the other part of the deal…….if you leave a suggestion (You can leave it in the comment section below), I’m not going to respond to it.  We still want to keep baby’s name a secret until she is born, so I don’t want anyone to know if we really like a suggested name, or really don’t like a suggested name, so I’m going to be “mum” about it.  DON’T feel bad that I don’t respond, because I’m not going to respond to anyone’s!  But, be assured that I will read and consider them all!!!

Also, there’s NO GUARANTEE we will pick one of your suggested names……we do have a list of 5 names that we like, and who knows……one might suddenly pop up that we just feel is “the one.”!

But, as of now…….We need ANY help we can get!!!!


13 Responses to “Name???”

  1. Amy Says:

    Well, going with Ava and Lukie’s suggestions…
    Thomasina or Tommi

    Okay, here are my suggestions…
    Elle (kind of a play on our family name “Ella”)

  2. AMY S W Says:

    I like Olivia and Violet, I have already decided that when I have twins they will get those names – too bad Scott already got fixed. So I guess they are available! 🙂

    I also like Noella. And Zoe (since you have an A, and an L, I guess you need something at the end of the alphabet this time).

    We had trouble with naming our last one, it took us down to the wire. Good luck!

  3. ruth Says:


  4. Martha Says:

    Here’s what I have so far….
    Audrey or Aubrey
    Selah (pronounced “say-la”)

    Okay….I’ll stop…….for now:)

  5. Martha Says:

    Lily….Odette (I think this is CUTE!)….Opal…..

  6. Martha Says:

    …..Phoebe….Rose…….Savannah….Scarlet…..Bette…….and I like Elle (like Amy!)

  7. Martha Says:

    Another vote for Violet, too!

  8. Melissa Huffines Says:

    Lot’s of good suggestions already! Don’t worry too much Sarah! It’ll come to you 🙂 I thought I had my first daughters name decided. Shoot..I picked it when I was in Jr. High! It was Katelyn Koryn, but when my girl was born she just didn’t look like a Katelyn. I picked Alena that day. Pronounced Ah-leena…everyone says Ah-layna. I wished I had spelled it differently!

    Okay here are my suggestions:

    I guess that’s all I can think of now! We have 3 girls, so I am dreaming of boys names these days! Can’t wait to hear which name you end up with!

  9. Martha Says:

    Oooh….I like Jane and Clara, too! 🙂

  10. Dad Says:

    I have always liked Ella. I think Ella has a nice ring to it! But, as with your past two bundles of joy, I believe you two will pick the perfect name at the right time. And I know Mom and I will love it!!!
    Choosing a name is a highly personal issue for most parents and those of us responding on your blog should feel quite honored to be ask for our suggestions. I know I am! Have a wonderful time together this weekend!!
    P.S. We ordered the 12 volt cooler!!!!! Thanks for giving us the information!!

  11. Rita Says:

    It occurred to me when our Japanese friend Emi ,who is like family, was visiting us…..what a lovely name & the middle name just “happened:”

    Emi Lynn
    or Emma Lynn

    A sweet ring to either…..

  12. ruth Says:

    I like Emi too! i am partial to Ella also…i’m not saying we are going to name a girl (if we have a girl in the future) ella…but if you choose to…then super!

    ilike claire too

  13. Amy Scheese (whidby) Says:

    I love the names Clara or Claire. Claire is old fashioned and Clara kind of gives it an old fashioned ring with a kick. 🙂
    I also love the names Elle or Ella.

    Here is another thought…
    I actually named all of my girls AFTER people. I know.. seems silly. But when it came to my middle daughter who is Kathryn (we call her Katie) I actually was trying to decided between Kathryn Mari or Kathryn Ella or Ella Kathryn… So I combined the two names and she is Kathryn Mariella. (not pronounced MARY Ella but Mar-EEE-ella)

    I did the same with my youngests first name. It is Kellian (we pronounce it Kelli-Ann) She is named after a Kelli and I actually just wanted to name her Ann so we combined… best of both worlds..

    OOOHHHH, what about Ella Claire? That is beautiful! 🙂
    Ok, enough… I am sure I will think of some more for you later.. 🙂

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