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A Frugal Face May 30, 2009

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Let me preface this post by saying that I am NOT a makeup expert!!  There is so much I DO NOT know about makeup, applying makeup, or even all the hundreds of different brands/types of makeup available.  I just want to make sure you all know that this post is just me sharing what I have found to be the best and most frugal makeup choices for ME over the years.  There are an abundance of choices out there from high-end to low-end, and if you have already found exactly what works for you and you love it—-stick with it!!  I just thought it’d be fun to share, from my experience, how I’ve come to use the products that I do.

So, let’s start with my face.


(So, it’s not that I really WANT to put this big of a picture of me up here, but I thought it was a pretty good one to really show my face and what it looks like in the makeup that I am about to share with you.  That way, you can read below and check out my “face” as you go.  It’s for informational purposes, only!!)

1.  I have found that I like to have an even look to my face.  I would say I don’t necessarily need to put anything on my face, (ie, powder, concealer, etc), but I feel more comfortable starting with an even base.  I have spent YEARS trying to find something that will work for me……I’ve gone from concealers, to liquid foundations, to powders… name it—I’ve tried it.  AND, wasted a lot of money on it all!!  But, as I was desperately trying to find the perfect product, about 7 years ago, before I was getting married, I stumbled across this:

Maybelline PureStay Powder Foundation

Maybelline PureStay Powder Foundation

This, in my opinion is ALL you need for your face!!  As you can tell by the name, it’s a powder and a foundation all in one.  It comes in the form of a compact with a sponge for application.  It is powder-based, not cream based, but, covers anything you want covered.  It’s an all-in-one product that works wonders for me.  I can apply it in the morning and never have to even touch-up my face again.  It’s not too cakey, it’s not too powdery—-it’s PERFECT!!

I usually get the Ivory.  My skin is not that pale, but, as you’ll read further ahead, I always apply a bronzer, of sorts, and blush, so I don’t want my base makeup to be dark at all.  I can darken it up a touch with the other two products.

One of the BEST things about this product, is that it runs about $6, give or take.  I ALWAYS either buy it at Wal-Mart, where it’s cheaper than that, and I buy all they have.  Or, I wait to stockpile some coupons to go along with a sale a drugstore is having on it.  One compact usually lasts me about a month to a month and a half.

2.  I’m IN LOVE with Bronzers and Blush, and over the years have probably, at times, used too much!!  But, I think I have now found the exact product that works wonders for me to give me a nice glow and great color to my cheeks:

For my “bronzer” and blush, I rely on Cover Girl:

instant_cheekbones_contouring_blush_1This is Cover Girl’s Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush.  I don’t believe the picture above shows that pallette of colors I choose for the Bronzer, but you get the idea.  I use SOPHISTICATED SABLE.  I apply this with a blush brush (longer bristles to sweep my face better) all over my face to give it a little bit of color.  It’s great, too, because with the three colors in the palette, you can create as much or as little color as you want.  I LOVE this product and it’s all I use!!  I can sometimes find it as cheaply as $3.99 and I always couple it with a sale or coupon to get it even cheaper!!

For my blush, I use the exact same product, just in PEACH PERFECTION.  I think peach blush works on EVERYONE.  Again, I am not a pro, but I find that peach is a great color palette for virtually any complexion.  I use a more dense brush that has shorter bristles and doesn’t sweep so much, but I pat it on my cheeks to keep the color in one spot.

3.  I’ve had a hard time finding the perfect Mascara for me, so I’ve definitely switched it up a bit and tried new ones, but lately, this is the one I’ve been sticking with:

great lashIt may not be the “be all end all” Mascara, but I really am enjoying the Frugality of it (It’s only about $3.99!), it goes on great, and it doesn’t clump up on me.  I buy the VERY BLACK and only apply it to my top lashes.  I’ve never been one to apply it to the lower ones…..I look a little funny!!!  It’s a great Mascara for a GREAT price!!

Now, if you can believe it, I DON’T wear any eyeshadow.  I never have.  For one, I just really don’t know how to apply it, but, even if I did, I don’t know that I would wear it all that much.   I feel like the Maybelline PureStay Powder Foundation really gives my eyelids a great base and I brush just a touch of “bronzer” over them, and that’s it!  Definitely saving money in the eyeshadow category!!

4.  Last but definitely not least:  MY LIPS.  As you’ve seen in a past post, I LOVE lipstick and lip gloss and am ALWAYS wearing it!!  I found THE most awesome lipstick color, that, when, paired with Slick Tint looks great!!  (At least, in my opinon!!)  I’m wearing it on the picture above!  Here’s my fave lipstick:

sandstoneThis is L’Oreal Colour Riche in Sandstone.  I ADORE it!!  It’s a little bit on the spendier side, it usually runs about $8.99, but I can sometimes find it on sale and occasionally I’ll see a coupon for it.  It’s amazing stuff.  It glides on beautifully, stays on great, and lasts a LONG time!  (Especially by using my lip brush!!)  As I said before, I apply Slick Tint over the top of it, and it really gives it just a touch lighter color with a great shine.  I can’t say enough about it!!!

So, there you have it!  My take on the best and most frugal makeup choices out there!!


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