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“Mama, Mama!!! Pee-Pee Potty!” April 25, 2009

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Those were the words I heard my barely 2 year-old son, Luke, shouting to me from the other room. At first thought, I was sure he was in the family room and had somehow “gone” all over the floor. I was bracing for what I might see. As I made my way from the kitchen to the family room and looked around, I realized I didn’t see him…..just Ava playing with her kitchen. “Lukie!!”, I yelled, “Where are you??” I hear, “Mama, right here.” I turn back around and go into the bathroom and this is what I see:

Oh, how cute is that?! I have no idea how he got up on the toilet all by himself, or how he was able to pull his pants down. (We’re still working on that!!) But, he did!!! Here’s a sweet little boy, who just turned two, who is so eager to go potty!! Now, don’t get too excited……no pee-pee came out……but just the fact that he knew he had to go, he told me, and got on the potty by himself. What a big boy!!

I’m eager to see how long this will last…….here’s hoping and praying!!! 🙂


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