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Day-of-the-Week Bins/Daily Routine April 21, 2009

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I have been inspired!!  I have a pretty strict schedule that we follow at home everyday, and I decided I needed to add even more structure by incorporating Day-of-the-Week Bins!!  These bins will be used in the morning from 10:00-10:30, for Ava and Lukie’s “Quiet Time.”  I have pictured a few of the bins, and I will probably change them out from time to time, to give them variety, but basically, each bin is different, and gives them a different activity everyday.  For instance, there is a bin full of paper, pens, stickers and scissors; another with beans and sorting tools; and another with BUGS and all the parts to the bugs so they can use their imaginations!!  It is also a learning tool to help them learn the days of the week and to pick out the appropriate bin.  I’m going to incorporate this into their schedules next week and I’ll let you know how it goes!  Ava was helping me put them together today and was sooooooooo excited about them!!!

If you’re curious, here’s how our daily schedule goes.  We, by no means, follow it to a “T” everyday…..I wish we could!!!  And, everyday brings something new, whether it be an errand to run, Speech Therapy for Ava, appointments, etc, but this is just our basic daily routine.  So, don’t think this is followed to the minute…’s not!!!  It’s just great to have a schedule to follow so the kids know what is coming up and I know what is coming up.  There is no guess work.  Kids thrive on a schedule/routine, and my kids certainly love knowing what’s coming up next!!

6:30-7:00ish–Wake Up

7:00-8:30–Watch Sesame Street/Curious George


9:00-9:30–Ava and Luke do the chores on their “Chore Chart”  and I Clean-up from Breakfast

9:30-10:00–Baths/Get Dressed

10:00-10:30–Day-of-the-Week Bins

10:30-11:00–Watch “Word World” and have a snack.

11:00–Ava eats Lunch

11:25–Ava catches the bus

11:30-12:00–Mommy and Lukie Play

12:00-12:30–Mommy and Lukie Lunch

12:30-1:00–Mommy and Lukie Storytime

1:00–Luke down for a nap

2:25-2:45–Ava home from School/Snack

2:45-3:45–Ava “Rest” and downtime in her room

4:00–Everyone is up and it’s together time!  Ie:

–Play outside, Paint on the easel, Playdough, Baking, projects, computer time,etc.

4:45–Daddy is home!!  Time to get dinner started while Daddy plays with the kids.

The evenings are pretty much the same…..we eat around 5:30 0r 6:00 and after dinner they finish any sort of chore on their chart that was not done in the morning.  Then, we usually have “family time” together, doing, whatever!!  About 6:30 we head upstairs for Jammies and room clean-up,  and at 7:00 it’s snack time!  They are allowed a half hour of watching their favorite PBS Sprout shows:  Caillou and Kipper, while having a snack.  At 7:30 we all march upstairs to brush our teeth, have a story, say our prayers and then it’s hugs and kisses goodnight!!!


2 Responses to “Day-of-the-Week Bins/Daily Routine”

  1. mrred Says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  2. Carly Says:

    Well I am inspired, Sarah! We are going to do the day of the week bins for Carson now. He’s 5 now but I’m totally into it. We definitely have things we can work on getting ready for Kindergarten and what a great way to do it. Thanks for sharing!

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